Sunday 5/8

FILM: A Few Good Men During a murder investigation in the US Navy, one man will stop at nothing to keep his honor while another will do anything to discover the truth. Courtroom drama starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore. (Mega-21.00) FILM: The Wedding Singer Two people, engaged to entirely unsuitable partners, gradually discover each other against the background of 1980s kitsh galore. Romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Christine Taylor. (Alpha-18.00) FILM: Someone Like You After being dumped by M. Right, a woman turns successful overnight by writing a sexist column about male behavior, but then starts to question whether her conclusions were correct. Romantic comedy starring Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear and Hugh Jackman. (Antenna-23.00) FILM: Panic A professional hitman, desperate to get out of the family business, goes into psychotherapy where he falls for another patient but is in for a surprise when his father informs him of his next assignment. Comedy drama thriller starring William H. Macy, John Ritter, Neve Campbell and Donald Sutherland. (NET-2.15)