Commissioned play opens Sunday on Naxos

Dimitris Dimitriadis’s play «Insenso» will premiere at Naxos’s awe-inspiring Bazaios Tower this Sunday. Directed by Stelios Krassanakis, «Insenso» stars Roula Pateraki and features sets and costumes designed by Giorgos Patsas. A few years ago, the Naxos Festival commissioned Dimitriadis to write a play based on Camillo Boito’s short story «Senso» and on Luchino Visconti’s film of the same title. Keeping the main characters unchanged – the countess Livia Serpieri and the Austrian officer Franz Mahler – Dimitriadis goes through some of his favorite topics, namely identity, country and body issues. The play traces the main female character’s life from 1866 to the present, the moment that her personal story crosses the path of her country’s history as well as her own transformation into a piece of history. Time is in fact timeless and betrayal remains immortal, like the heroine herself, an ideological vampire that walks a tightrope between painful love and the fall of her class. The performance will be repeated on Monday and will also be staged in Athens in the winter.