Thursday 16/8

FILM: I.Q Albert Einstein is a fun-loving genius with poor matchmaking skills that he puts to the test in order to set his niece up with a likeable young man who has a major crush on her. Romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins and Walter Matthau. (Star-22.00) FILM: Maccheroni A businessman from the United States returns to Italy for the first time in four decades only to discover that an old girlfriend of his, along with her brother, have involved him in a massive hoax. Ettore Scola comedy drama, starring Jack Lemmon and Marcello Mastroianni. (In Italian/English) (NET-1.00) FILM: Deadfall Honoring his father’s dying wish, a con man tries to pull a fast one on another crook but his adversary may just outsmart him. Drama starring Michael Biehn, Sarah Trigger and Nicolas Cage. (Alpha-1.30) FILM: The Scoundrel’s Wife Ostracized for a crime she didn’t commit, a young woman is suspected by the locals in a small Louisiana community of being a WWII saboteur. Romantic drama starring Tatum O’Neal, Julian Sands and Tim Curry. (Mega-1.45)