Saturday 18/8

FILM: Four Rooms One his first day on the job, a hotel bellhop has to deal with 12 demanding couples and their scandalous requests on New Year’s Eve. Comedy directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, starring Sammi Davis, Madonna, Ione Skye, Lili Taylor, Antonio Banderas, Tim Roth, Marisa Tomei and Bruce Willis. (ET-1-21.00) FILM: Heartbreak Ridge A hard-nosed veteran US Army sergeant’s last assignment is preparing a platoon of spoiled hippie kids to face the harsh realities of war. War action drama directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, along with Marsha Mason and Everett McGill. (Star-22.45) FILM: Pendulum A police investigator is assigned to the sensitive murder case of a professor who was rumored to trade sex for good grades and to have been sleeping with the daughters of influential politicians. Crime thriller starring Rachel Hunter, James Russo and Matt Battaglia. (Mega-23.10) FILM: Baby Doll Frustrated by having to wait to consummate his marriage to his young bride, a middle-aged cotton gin owner becomes embroiled in an old-fashioned Sicilian vendetta waged against him by a rival. Elia Kazan drama written by Tennessee Williams, starring Karl Malden, Carroll Baker and Eli Wallach. (Vouli-23.30)