Work of archaeologist Sir John Boardman celebrated in Athens

On September 26, the Greek students of Sir John Boardman celebrated his 80th birthday with a Colloquium on Classical Archaeology at the Faculty Club of Athens University. John Boardman is a professor emeritus at Oxford and the most distinguished classical archaeologist of our times. He has published many books on Greek art encompassing a wide range of subjects, such as vase painting, gems and cameos, as well as sculpture. He has also published widely on the diffusion of Greek art beyond the borders of Greece. He has taught students from different countries, especially Greece, the United States and Germany. He remains an active scholar and is preparing the publication of the gem collection that was once in the possession of the Duke of Marlborough. The papers in the colloquium were all given by Boardman’s former pupils who are now academics at Greek and British universities. The keynote paper was presented by Boardman himself. It was organized by Professor Olga Palagia of Athens University and sponsored by Mistra Estates – Ladopoulos. The speakers were Irene Lemos of Oxford University, Nota Kourou of the University of Athens, Stavros Paspalas of the Australian Archaeological Institute, Maria Pipili of the Athens Academy Research Center, Anna Lemos of the University of Athens, Stephi Korti-Konti of Thessaloniki University, Anthi Dipla, Bettina Tsigarida, Eleni Zimi, Olga Palagia and Dimitris Plantzos.