Bejart returns with his favorite choreographies

Maurice Bejart and his Ballet Lausanne will be presenting two performances at the Pallas Theater on October 24 and 25 that are dedicated to Greece and the Athenian public. «L’amour – La danse» is a compilation of Bejart’s best choreographies, with music ranging from Berlioz and Mozart all the way to Mikis Theodorakis. The performances have been set up by the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP), which is celebrating 70 years of operation this year. Bejart, a living dance legend, is much loved in Greece, where he has appeared with his 20th Century Ballet at the Herod Atticus Theater. At the Pallas, the performances will allow fans to revisit the past and to celebrate with him his 80th birthday on the occasion of this retrospective. For these two very special performances, Bejart has chosen to present highlights from the following: «Le sacre du printemps,» «Romeo et Juliette,» «Heliogabale,» «Le chant du compagnon errant,» «Sept danses grecques,» «Arepo» and «Brel et Barbara» for the first part of the program. In the evenings’ second part, the audience will see extracts from «Rumi,» «Casta Diva,» «Romeo et Juliette,» «Entre deux guerres,» «I Was Born To Love You,» «Concerto 21,» «Und so Weiter,» «U2» and «The Show Must Go On.» For information and tickets: ELEPAP (16 Kononos, Pangrati, tel 210.725.4726/9312) and the Pallas Theater (5 Voukourestiou, tel 210.321.3100). Shows begin at 9 p.m.