Tribute to Bela Tarr at Trianon Filmcenter

Distinguished Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr once claimed that he wouldn’t knock on a door to have it opened, preferring instead to kick it open. His career so far would appear to vindicate this approach. Through his eight full-length films and four shorts, the film director continues to wander in a revealing, restless, fascinating yet also threatening universe. This week, Tarr is in Athens for a tribute to his work that will start tomorrow and run to the end of the month at the Trianon Filmcenter (21 Kodringtonos, tel 210.821.5469/822.2702). The tribute will kick off with his latest film, «The Man from London,» which focuses on Maloin, the main character, a man who leads a simple life without any real prospects, at the end of an endless sea. «This story deals with issues that are both eternal and daily, divine and human. In my mind, it encompasses all of nature and man, including his pettiness,» says Tarr. All of Tarr’s films will be screened at the Trianon, namely «Family Nest,» «Hotel Magnezit» (short), «The Outsider,» «The Prefab People,» «Macbeth,» «Almanac of Fall,» «Damnation,» «Utolso Hajo,» «Satantango,» «Journey on the Plain» (short), «Werckmeister Harmonies» and «Prologue,» from the «Visions of Europe.» Susan Sontag once said that Tarr does not present unconventional things, but exaggerates the norm. Tarr has won awards from the American Cinema Foundation, the Berlin International Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival and the Locarno International Film Festival.