Depy Chandris’s jewelry collection: ‘The Greek Sun’

In an exhibition organized by The New York Times, at their offices on Eighth Avenue in New York, along with the National Tourism Organization of Greece, Depy Chandris is to display her latest collection, titled «The Greek Sun,» on November 26. Unlike the rest of us Greeks, Chandris’s creations don’t need a visa to enter the United States. Depy, the youngest daughter of a Greek shipowner, has just arrived in New York wearing the jewelery she herself has made. She was discovered by Alexandros Iolas and Andy Warhol, who was an admirer of hers and used to pin notes on her creations with drawings and messages of love. The invitation to the exhibition, impressive as always, arrived at the Kathimerini office of Helbi, who is the first to announce the show that begins later this month. This is yet another chapter in the legend of Depy Chandris and her jewelry, that link past and future with the brilliance of the present.