The story of Rachel Corrie plays in theaters around the world

Two women: the 23-year-old American political activist Rachel Corrie and a 30-year-old British journalist, The Guardian’s Katharine Viner. The former was murdered in the Gaza Strip in 2003, while attempting to save the house of a Palestinian from an Israeli bulldozer. The latter decided to become Rachel’s voice, given that the restless and brave young woman had left behind a series of diaries. Working together with Alan Rickman, they edited the material into «My Name is Rachel Corrie.» A demanding, one-woman show which became an unexpected success at London’s Royal Court Theater before triumphing in other countries, the play is currently on stage at the Fournos theater, starring Despina Sarafidou. «Initially her parents uploaded her Gaza Strip notes on the Internet. They wanted her voice to be heard. A year later, they authorized The Guardian to publish excerpts. When Rickman approached me, the material was familiar to me,» said Viner. «Israel bought these special kind of bulldozers from the USA. In a certain way, it was America who killed Rachel. In Israel she was considered a naive activist who lost her life because of her naivety.» At the Fournos, the play is directed by Thodoris Tsapakidis and produced by the Brokenchair Theater Company. Fournos, 168 Mavromichali, tel 210.646.0748.