A celebration of sweet wine

When it comes to wine, the sky – and the earth – is the limit. «Nectar: A Festival of Sweet Wines,» scheduled to take place in Athens this weekend, brings together Greek and foreign labels which are often neglected in favor of their better-known and dryer siblings. Besides familiar and popular local choices – not to mention award-winning ones – such as Moschato from Lemnos and Samos and Mavrodafni from Patras, the festival features an exciting variety of world flavors: a taste of Hungary through Tokaji; the beauty of a French Sauternes as well as widely appreciated Porto, Portugal’s signature drink. With Greek wine producers increasingly adding sweet wines to their production, the festival offers a good glimpse of the local market. For those attending the two-day event, a choice of finger food (from savory to sweet) will provide fresh ideas for future consumption combinations. Extra events During the weekend festival, visitors are also invited to participate in seminars, lectures and other special events. Thiseion Lofts, 123 Pireos, Gazi. Opening hours: Saturday: 5-10 p.m. Sunday: noon – 8 p.m. For more information, log on to