The National Opera gets an image boost

The first step took place last year and was followed by a leap this year. The Greek National Opera’s poster of its first production for this season has already caught the attention of thousands of Athenians. Seen everywhere, it reflects a fresh interpretation of art deco in 2007. This year’s campaign contains an aesthetic identity, a stylistic view and a clear message, things that were missing from last year’s campaign which had in itself been a small revolution compared to what it was before the time of former artistic director Stefanos Lazaridis. The Greek National Opera seems to be taking its image very seriously at a time when Lazaridis’s departure had led to fears of backtracking to less inspired times. As it turns out, it was the other way around: The National Opera is forging ahead. From the far ends of visual communication it has gained the confidence of a visionary. The National Opera people did the obvious thing: They contacted one of the strongest names in the Greek market, Yiannis Kouroudis’s K2 Design office. Kouroudis is the man behind the successful relaunching of the Korres company around the world. That is what is being attempted in the case of the National Opera, a comprehensive restoration of its graphic identity which will be immediately recognizable. «We wanted something abstract yet clear that would be subversive and at the same time have a direct appeal to people’s conscience,» said Kouroudis to Kathimerini. «We want the National Opera’s image to reflect the freshness of its productions, in the posters, the programs, the librettos and the advertising banners.» Kouroudis believes that the power of communication lies in one person and every production is launched through the work’s main character. Not everybody was thrilled by this new image. «The first time some people will be shocked and the second time they will find it strange. The third time they will be sure that what they are seeing is the Greek National Opera.»