Listen and learn the iTalk way

It began with a tape, moved on to the Walkman and has now reached MP4 status. For long a pioneer in rapid language learning – more than 7 million people have developed their language skills in 60 countries – Linguaphone is adding iTalk to its roster of innovative methods. Tailored for the fast-paced lifestyle of 21st century citizens, the new language-learning kit includes a bilingual textbook, CDs and Playaway, a device featuring pre-recorded material. The new kit is making its world debut in Greece, in a joint venture between Linguaphone and Eleftheroudakis bookstores and was introduced by the two partners at a joint press conference yesterday (Eleftheroudakis is the exclusive distributor in 35 outlets around Greece). Currently available languages are English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Turkish – with Chinese, Arabic and Russian coming up shortly. The iTalk package is on sale at 65 euros.