Vampires and lovers dancing in the dark

A world of vampires, lovers and dancers awaits audiences at the Elyze Theater, where the Athens English Theater Experiment is currently presenting «Dance after Dark,» a play by Gavin Thomas. Billed as a modern Gothic farce, «Dance after Dark» is based on Bram Stoker’s «Dracula» and has been especially modified into «easy» English for local audiences (even those with limited English vocabulary) to follow. The play also incorporates material adapted from other works, such as letters and fragments by John Polidori, Mary Shelley, Theophile Gaultier and Lord Byron. Initially conceived for Greek high school students aged 12 and over, «Dance After Dark» has so far been very well received by adult audiences as well. In the play, characters include a pair of young lovers encountering difficulties in their marriage plans, an aging vampire looking into purchasing suspicious property, an eccentric microbiologist as well as flying animals and special effects. The production features seven actors on stage accompanied by live music interpreted by Niki Louladaki. The cast includes Eleana Tachiaou, Alexandros Vamvoukos, Valia Yiannarou, Themis Vlachos, Anne-Marie O’Sullivan, Achilles Vatrikas and Antonis Rokakis. Directing the play is Thomas Sears. A writer, dancer and teacher, Sears established the English theater workshop Acting Up in Athens in 2003. Maria Karathanou is in charge of sets and costumes. Performances kicked off earlier this month and are set to run until December 23. Elyze Theater, 12 Nymphaiou, Ilissia, tel 210.777.1766.