A day for the collectors at music bazaar

Music on vinyl may have long vanished as the format of choice for listeners, and the CD, the medium that both replaced it and ushered in the digital era in the phonographic industry, is also struggling, as online downloads now abound. Even so, a small but devoted number of listeners continues to persist with higher requirements. They demand the complete package -cover art, liner note details and full-quality sound. In thens, this small community’s continued presence is reflected by the existence of various little retail outlets, mostly in downtown Athens, such as Vinyl Microstore, which offers independent releases by specialized labels deeply connected to the music they provide. The limited floor space of such little outlets with modest earnings usually confines the range of items they can carry. This alone makes the occasional stagings of music bazaars all the more welcome for music collectors in search of varied findings. For years, such bazaars were regularly held at the now-defunct Rodon club, a previous focal point on the capitalís live rock music circuit. But over the past three years, the tradition has been carried on at another smaller rock venue in downtown Athens, the long-running An Club (17 Solomou, Exarchia). It will hold a Christmas music bazaar this Sunday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Collectors can expect to find old vinyl records and CDs of various styles, including rock, pop, soul, 60s, 70s, surf and garage.