‘Salome’ at Herod Atticus

“I am charmed by the play of the camera and the manner in which it contributes to choreography. Through its movement, I can express my own point of view and maybe this is why I am so often inspired by music and dance,» said Spanish film director Carlos Saura in a press conference in Athens on Monday. The director, known for films such as «Love, the Magician,» «Flamenco» and «Goya» has turned to theater and will be presenting «Salome» at the Herod Atticus Theater on May 31, in cooperation with the Cultural Olympiad and the Hellenic Festival. «Carmen is a model of the contemporary woman who pays a heavy price for her emancipation,» stated Saura. «Salome, on the other hand, is a femme fatale, earthy and in love, who is driven to a crime of passion.» The choreography for the performance has been created by the eminent artist Jose Antonio and dancer Aida Gomez, who also stars in the title role. The director and lead dancer visited the ancient theater where they will perform, getting their bearings for what promises to be an exceptional show. «We have worked for months on this production, starting from scratch. The premiere [in Spain] went very well, but now we are very anxious to see how it will be received abroad,» said Saura. While the troupe rehearses at the Herod Atticus, a film crew is also busy shooting the dance both in the making and in order to render the entire performance on film. «This is a new experience for me,» explained Saura. «The first part of the film refers to the way in which we set up the filming, while the second consists of the performance itself. It is much like filming a general rehearsal. I did not want to make a documentary on the work I do, but to emphasize the difference between theater and film.» Tickets for «Salome» are on sale at the Virgin and Metropolis record stores and will be available at the Athens Festival box office on Pezmazoglou Street from May 10.