Lively Irish show in Thessaloniki

The journey of two Celtic tribes as they fight for freedom will be brought to life on the stage of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall by the Irish Rhythm of the Dance ensemble tonight and tomorrow. The dance group combines traditional with modern Celtic dance, music and singing, in a show with striking sets and costumes. The story is about two tribes that are constantly at war with each other, with all hopes lying with the new generation, two young warriors through whom the Irish mythology and musical history unravel. Irish music is something of a paradox because instead of being close to Northern European music it is often reminiscent of Mediterranean melodies. The old Irish songs, known as «Fenian lays,» have their roots in the 12th century, but some of them were revived mostly in the 18th century. Irish melodies are incredibly flexible. The variety of musical instruments is indicative of their adaptability, since apart from the traditional instruments that have been used since ancient times, many others have been added in more recent years.