Local film going to the Berlinale

The participation by a Greek film in an event of the Berlin Film Festival’s caliber is very good news for the local film industry. Thanos Anastopoulos’s «Dior-thosi» (Correction) will compete against other productions from around the world in the Berlinale’s «Forum» section, which will run from February 6 to 17. As stated on the festival’s website, the films selected for the Forum have to be unconventional and daring, pushing cinema to its limits. Harsh reality «Correction» was distinguished at the recent Thessaloniki Film Festival for the way the director approached and depicted Greek reality. Inspired by a real event, the death of an Albanian soccer fan during a Greece-Albania game, the film comments on the increasing violence and racism and nationalist feelings in Greek society. The plot evolves through the story of a man, woman and child, redefining in an original and daring way the traditional stereotype of homeland, religion and family. At the 48th Thessaloniki Film Festival, «Correction» won the award for best screenplay in the «International Competition» section. It has further received three state awards, including that of best actor for Giorgos Symeonidis. The main character, played by Symeonidis, hardly says a word. He wanders through Athens observing what is almost a mutilated city, finding himself among immigrants, homeless people and extremist sports fans and nationalists. During his symbolic wanderings, he encounters a woman and a little girl and their relationship is affected by their surroundings. «I was interested in this city whose face and character is changing, a city that is seeking a new identity, motivated by a mute conflict,» said Anastopoulos. «I wanted to place the film’s main characters in that city, where violence is constantly on the increase and substance remains hidden, like a secret.» Symeonidis stars alongside Ornela Kapetani and Savina Alimani, who play the woman and the child respectively. The film further features actors Nikos Georgakis, Buyar Alimani, Dimitris Liolios, Nikoleta Kyrana, Eda Gemi and Armando Dauti. The screenplay was jointly written by Anastopoulos and Vassilis Raissis. The sets and costumes were designed by Mayou Trikerioti. Elias Adamis was in charge of cinematography and Napoleon Stratoyiannakis did the film editing. The movie is expected to hit local cinemas after its screening at the Berlinale.