Schedule of theatrical events

June 28, 29: «The Bacchae» by Euripides. Royal National Theater of England, directed by Peter Hall. July 5, 6: «Lysistrata» by Aristophanes. Directed by Giorgos Michalakopoulos, starring Michalakopoulos as Cinesias and Mirka Papaconstantinou as Lysistrata. Translation by K.H. Myris. July 12, 13: «Hypsipyle» by Euripides. A lost play, the fragments of which have been translated and added to by Tassos Roussos. Spyros A. Evangelatos Amphitheater, Leda Tassopoulou. July 19, 20: The Theban Cycle of plays. Four plays, two each evening: July 19: «The Bacchae» directed by Thodoros Terzopoulos (in Greek) and «Oedipus Rex» by Sophocles, directed by Tandashi Suzuki (in German); July 20: «Antigone» by Sophocles, directed by Anna Mantora, and «Seven Against Thebes» by Aeschylus, directed by Valery Fokin (both in German). July 26, 27: «The Birds» by Aristophanes, directed by and starring Thymios Karakatsanis. Translated by K.H. Myris. With Takis Papamatthaios as Teiresias. August 2, 3: «Iphigenia in Aulis» by Euripides. National Theater, directed and translated by Costas Tsianos, with Maria Skoula, Akylas Karazisis, Maria Kehayioglou, Aimilios Heilakis. August 9, 10: «Antigone» by Sophocles. National Theater, directed by Nikaeti Kontouri, with Lydia Koniordou, Sophocles Peppas, Maria Katsiadaki, Nikos Arvanitis, Themis Panou, Costas Triantafyllopoulos. Translated by Nikos Panayiotopoulos. August 16, 17: «Heracles.» State Theater of Northern Greece, directed by Andrei Sherban, based on Euripides’ tragedies «Heracles» and «Children of Heracles.» August 23, 24: «The Phoenician Women» by Euripides. Theater Organization of Cyprus, directed by Nikos Haralambous, with Jenny Gaitanopoulou, Stelios Kafkarides, Antonis Katsaris. Translation by Michalis Pieris. August 30, 31: «Oedipus at Colonus.» Theatro Technis, directed by Giorgos Lazanis and Mimis Kougioumtzis, with Lazanis in the role of Oedipus. Also starring Reni Pittaki, Katia Gerou, Yiannis Karatzoyannis. Translated by D.N. Maronitis, music by Thanos Mikroutsikos, set design and costumes by Dionysis Fotopoulos. Other events The following productions will also be performed at Epidaurus this year: June 21, 22: «Penthesilea» by Kleist, directed by Peter Stein. September 7, 8: «Lysistrata,» an opera by Mikis Theodorakis.