‘Sound of the Gun’ heard after 21 years

Two decades have passed since it was first staged at the Technis Theater by the company’s founder, director Karolos Koun. Now Loula Anagnostaki’s «O Ichos Tou Oplou» (The Sound of the Gun,) is making a stage comeback in Athens, at the Kentro Logou Kai Technis. The production features vocalist Tania Tsanaklidou – also making her own comeback – who stars alongside Chryssa Spelioti. It is directed by Elli Papaconstantinou. In the play, a married woman who has lived in the countryside for years, returns to Athens in order to cast her vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Her return is making her nervous, not least because she will be reunited with her 18-year-old son, whom she hasn’t seen for over a year. «What I wanted was to write a story which sticks to its own reality, in which the characters wish to be free,» noted Anagnostaki. Kentro Logou Kai Technis, 104 Themistocleous & Kallidromiou, Exarchia.