Bjorn Ulvaeus: ‘Mamma Mia!’ on stage, but no more Abba reunions

Less than 100 days remain before the Greek premiere of the highly popular musical «Mamma Mia!» The production, which features numerous much-loved songs by Abba will travel to Athens and be staged at the Badminton Theater in Goudi as part of a world tour. At a recent press conference, Bjorn Ulvaeus, who co-wrote all the Abba songs along with Benny Andersson, talked about the show. Ulvaeus is currently working on another musical with Andersson. While discussing the plot of «Mamma Mia!» – which is set on a Greek island – Ulvaeus pointed out that Greece is an ideal location for the musical to be staged in. He said he believed that the leading character, an English single mother who lives permanently in Greece, is a typical character on every Greek island. When asked how the musical has stayed fresh after being staged for so many years, he replied that every year new actors are added to the cast and each director makes a point of adding elements from the country that is hosting the show. Ulvaeus stressed that Abba, whose music remains extremely popular all over the world, will never again appear live on stage. «Who wants to see four 68-year-olds on stage together, anyway?» he asked. «Mamma Mia» begins on May 6 at the Badminton Theater, in Goudi Military Park (tel 211.108.6024). For tickets, visit Virgin Megastores and or log on to