1950s glam meets jazz ballads and swing on stage

Looking at pictures of Sue Moreno, one gets the impression she is a pinup girl that has run away from a 1950s film noir. Her music mixture of rockabilly, country, Latin and swing could well be the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino film. Soft, romantic, but also powerful, Sue Moreno today ranks as one of the top names in the field of rockabilly, after her first success in 1997. Joined by the Kustoms, Moreno, who is Dutch, is scheduled to play at Planet Music tonight, where she will revive the 1950s American tradition. «In the Netherlands we listen a lot to English-speaking music and I grew up in a house where there was constantly music,» she told Kathimerini. «I was 6 years old when I first heard Elvis sing and I fell in love with him immediately.» She has always been a fan of the 50s, from the era’s design and the music to the clothes and the cars. «Music had something pure and genuine back then. I like the raw sound of rockabilly and those wonderful rock ‘n’ roll melodies. People put a lot of care in their clothing. I love 50s Hollywood glam and I also love reviving it.» Often identified with easy listening and 50s rock, Moreno enjoys many different kinds of music. «The 1950s are my starting point and then I move on to other things. When we talk about ‘mariachi’ and ‘bolero,’ we are essentially talking about the same era. I like the romanticism of that music. I try out a lot of elements in my songs, jazz ballads, rockabilly, swing and bolero. If you go to my website ( you will find it all.» Moreno’s greatest influence has been Elvis Presley. «There are so many different aspects to him, he tried so many styles. I have just returned from the USA, where I had the honor to work with pianist Don Randi, who has teamed up with Elvis, the Beach Boys, Ann-Margret and many others. I have also worked with a great guitarist, Danny B. Harvey, who has collaborated with Wanda Jackson and Nancy Sinatra in the past. I recorded an album with guitar master Marco Di Maggio (the 2005 «Bye Bye Blues») and I have also played with the Comets, who still have the same power that they had when playing with Bill Haley.» Tonight’s show will be a journey back in time, but also a good opportunity to dance. «I think that kind of music makes you happier, it is dancy, it has something dreamy. It touches all ages and knows no boundaries. There is something revolutionary but also romantic about it.» Planet Music, 44 Ardittou, Mets, tel 210.923.7109. Moreno will also play in Larissa tomorrow and in Thessaloniki on Sunday.