Daniel Day-Lewis, light and shadow, actor and man

There were no security guards outside Suite 301 at the King George Hotel in Athens on Valentine’s Day, as Daniel Day-Lewis prepared for the Athens premiere of «There Will Be Blood» in aid of Cerebral Palsy Greece, a cause Day-Lewis champions with his friend, the association’s founder Daphne Economou. While in Athens, he gave this exclusive interview to Helbi. D-L: Why don’t you write whatever you like and we will just chat? H: No way. When I was in London, the critics were in raptures about your performance in the film that is being compared to «Citizen Kane» and «Battleship Potemkin.» D-L: That is a tragic mistake. No film should be compared with another. As for my performance, that is my job. You either do your job or you don’t. H: Why do you choose difficult roles that often distort not only your appearance but your character, like in «Gangs of New York» and now the oilman? Maybe you are trying to hide your true nature? D-L: On the contrary, I want to reveal it. All the dark sides lurking inside are brought to light through the character you play. H: Do you identify at all with the hero? D-L: No, I don’t believe so. H: Then where is the Daniel we know, who lives simply with his wife (Rebecca) and child? Why do you keep coming to Greece? D-L: I come because I like Greece and its people. And I come when I have a new film so I can offer something to the children. Rebecca’s brother (Daniel) has Down syndrome. He is a child who grew up and lives independently; he works, has his own home, we see him during holidays and whenever he can. I’ll spend Friday morning with the children at the «Open Door» where there will be no cameras or journalists. They are also my family and bring me luck! H: Do you think you will win the Oscar? D-L: We’ll see. I’ll be there. H: Are you preparing anything else? D-L: Rebecca wrote a novel which is to be made into a film. There is no title yet but the heroine’s name is Pippa. As for myself. I’ll do something with my hands. You’ll see. I’m going to build something. Next question! H: Do you have a mobile phone? D-L: Yes and it helps. When you have children, you have to know where they are so you can go and get them. But Daniel Plainview (the hero of the film) wouldn’t have had a mobile even if they had existed at the beginning of the 20th century. H: Do you believe in an afterlife?