Local artists set to leave their stamp

The Greek Postal Service (ELTA) has turned over a new leaf, inviting Greek artists to design its stamps in a move meant to promote the service on an international scale by adopting the artistic approach of a great part of the philatelic world. Among the artists who will leave their mark on Greece’s stamps are Dimitris Mytaras, Alekos Fasianos, Giorgos Varlamos, Panayiotis Gravalos and Takis Katsoulidis, all of whom have worked on or are currently working on the 2002 stamp series. Old and new acquaintances of the philatelic art, these masters of painting and engraving are trying to bring back some of Greek stamps’ former glory. The third series of 2002, «Circus,» was brought out on May 9 and reflects the general theme adopted by Europa 2002, a pan-European initiative. The Greek series – consisting of two stamps with a value of 0.60 and 2.60 euros respectively – was designed by Mytaras, who applied a broad approach to themes that reflect the world of the circus. Bright and colorful, the stamps show the great future promise of Greek philately, which can look forward to winning an international public. The series expected to go into circulation in October is titled «Winners.» Based on the Olympic Games, the series is designed by Fasianos, whose main source of inspiration is the first Greek stamps that went into circulation, depicting the head of Hermes. The first Olympics series, circulated on May 15, was designed by Varlamos, while another series, on the Greek language, has been designed by Katsoulidis and should be available from September 23. Gravalos, an old-time associate of ELTA, created the issue for the 2004 Olympic Games that was launched in March, with a stamp depicting the crypt of the stadium at Ancient Olympia.