AICA’s new art library

With the publication of collected essays on art written by the late renowned archaeologist Manolis Andronikos (whose excavations at Vergina are considered among the most important) during the period 1956-1987, AICA Hellas, the association of Greek art critics, launches its new series of «Art Library» while paying tribute to a man who was one of its founding members in 1950. Since then, AICA, which currently counts 96 members, has been active in organizing conferences and promoting theoretical debate on art. The current book was first published in 2001 and was recently relaunched and presented to the press at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Although the volume is not available at commercial outlets, AICA hopes that its future publications will have a broader circulation. AICA’s next book will contain the minutes of a conference held this past October. Plans for future publications have still not been made.