ªÔnday 24/3

FILM: Shaft New York police detective John Shaft goes on a personal mission to solve a racially motivated murder. Crime action adventure featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa L. Williams, Jeffrey Wright, Christian Bale, Busta Rhymes and Dan Hedaya. (Star-23.30) FILM: True Crime A journalist struggles to uncover evidence that may prove the innocence of a man on death row. Crime drama thriller directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, with Isaiah Washington, James Woods and Denis Leary. (Star-21.00) FILM: Wolf Creek When three backpackers become stranded in remote Australia, they fall prey to a murderous bushman. Horror thriller starring John Jarratt, Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi and Nathan Phillips. (Alpha-23.45) FILM: Break of Dawn Two ex-legionnaires become involved on a mission of political assassination in Romania. Action drama starring Richard Berry, Said Taghmaoui, Joaquim de Almeida and Anouk Grinberg. (Antenna-1.00)