Agnes Baltsa reunites with Stavros Xarchakos

«Songs of My Country,» will be revived at the Athens Concert Hall this week, under the tutelage of the internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano Agnes Baltsa along with prominent composer Stavros Xarchakos. The concert, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday, is the outcome of a long-term collaboration between the two artists – essentially a production of songs by Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Xarchakos and Vassilis Tsitsanis, featuring Baltsa, accompanied by the State of Orchestra of Hellenic Music. The concert also serves as a trailer for a revamped re-edition of a first recording on the project, initially recorded by Deutsche Grammophon back in 1986. During a press conference in Athens last week, Baltsa talked about the difficulties which arise when it comes to interpreting songs which have been described as the «gospel» of a nation. «I sing with great fear and respect, with a sense of responsiblity as much as joy,» noted the mezzo-soprano. Proceeds from Thursday evening’s event at the Megaron will go to the Agapi charity organization. Athens Concert Hall, 1 Kokkali & Vas. Sofias, tel 210.728.2333.