Czech photographer to give 2-day seminar in Ano Ilissia

The exploratory lens of Michaela Brachtlova will reveal some of its secrets at the end of this week, as the Photographic Group of the Zografou Municipality is preparing a two-day seminar by the Czech photographer. The seminar is scheduled to take place at the Ano Ilissia Cultural Center on Saturday and Sunday. Brachtlova holds a prominent position among the new generation of Czech photographers, and belongs to what is known as «directed, artistic photography.» One of the few women in the history of the medium in the Czech Republic, Brachtlova’s art is defined by her shots of various parts of the human body, which she then transforms by superimposing incongruous objects, such as seaweed. Essentially, through her lens, the artist has developed a peculiarly individual way of illustrating erotic or even surrealistic symbolism. As well as being shown in her native country, Brachtlova’s sharply pointed images have been in a number of solo and group shows in various parts of the world, including Belgium, Germany, the USA, Britain, Finland and Switzerland. In Greece, they went on display at the Skopelos Photographic Center during the International Photographic Biennale which took place in 1996. During the two-day workshop, Brachtlova will discuss fellow Czech postmodern photographers and their work. Michaela Brachtlova’s Photographic Seminar, at the Ano Ilissia workshop, on the corner of Persepoleos and Aradou streets, on Saturday and Sunday, from 12.00 to 7 p.m. Participation fee: 25 euros. For more information, call 010.961.0969 and 0974.162550. Changes