A warning call from the future

What will our world be like in 2027? And if we knew, what would we change? The new and highly interesting work of choreographer Persa Stamatopoulou, «2027,» could be described as a lonely wandering of an ecologically minded, modern vagabond or as a science-fiction fairy tale. It is being staged at the Bios venue until May 20. The press release states that by transferring the future to the present, the human body takes on different forms, such as that of a wounded and poisoned animal, a burnt tree or a dried-up landscape, which function under very particular and extreme circumstances. «I had been thinking of doing something about the environment for a very long time,» said Stamatopoulou in a telephone interview with Kathimerini. «The work ‘2027’ is the last part of a trilogy that started with ‘Happyland’ and continued with ‘Extra Long,’ two choreographies that deal with eternal youth and growing old.» As was also the case in «Happyland,» in «2027» Stamatopoulou worked with Olia Lydaki. Lydaki is a worthy dancer who has been working as an assistant choreographer and performed with famous Paris-based Butoh (a type of Japanese technique) choreographer Carlotta Ikeda for many years. The sound environment has been created by Laertis Malkotsis and the sets and costumes were designed by Kenny MacLellan. The video art is by Makis Faros and the lighting by Panayiotis Manoussis. The performances take place independently of the ongoing Months of Dance festival, organized by the Association of Greek Choreographers. «I am just struggling with it in a different way,» said Stamatopoulou when asked whether she consciously opted to distance herself. «I have reached an age, a position and an attitude toward things that make me try for something more, such as having more performance time. I was also interested in an alternative venue this year and I think Bios is ideal. The festival can offer valuable housing and advertisement, things that are very important to a choreographer. But I believe that it is a good institution for new choreographers, who need protection when they take their first steps. «My company does not only consist of who you see. I am very lucky to have people who showed faith in me and stood by me under difficult circumstances. That gave me the strength to go on.» «2027» by the Persa Stamatopoulou Contemporary Dance Company is being staged at Bios (84 Pireos, tel 210.342.5335).