Theater Beyond Borders back on Athenian stage

The Attiki Cultural Society presents its Theater Beyond Borders festival for 2008 later this month. The organization continues its tradition of hosting internationally acclaimed performances in Greece and the upcoming series of theater events will take place at the Dimitris Horn Theater in Athens. Events kicks off with a new project by the great man of theater, Peter Brook, on May 19 and 20. «Warum Warum» (Why Why) had its world premiere at Zurich’s Schauspielhaus on April 17. In this German-speaking production, Brook and co-author Marie-Helene Estienne, trace the origins and explore the language of modern theater. Directed by Brook, the play stars Miriam Goldschmidt and features live music by Francesco Agnello. The festival continues with Brook’s daughter, Irina, presenting «Waiting for the Dream.» Based on William Shakespeare’s «Midsummer Night’s Dream,» the production is adapted and directed by Brook and features an all-male cast of six, namely Vincent Berger, Jerry di Giacomo, Cyril Guei, Gerald Papasian, Christian Pellissier, Augustin Ruhabura and Gerard Carrier. Heading toward the end of the month (May 28, 29 and 30) the theater festival comes to an end with «Molora» (Ash). Based on the «Oresteia» trilogy, the production was adapted and directed by Yael Farber. «Molora» is an Oxford Playhouse and Johannesburg Market Theater Production. South Africa’s Farber explores apartheid and its legacy through the «Oresteia.» In the production, a chorus of Xhosa women bring a new intensity to the ancient classic through «split tone» singing. For tickets: Pallas Theater, 5 Voukourestiou Street, tel 210.321.3100; Dimitris Horn Theater, 10 Amerikis Street, tel 210.361.2500. For credit card reservations, call tel, log on to or visit Fnac (The Mall & Glyfada). For more information, visit