New playwright and veteran director present ‘La Poupee’

Vangelis Hatziyannidis started out as a novelist, before being named best new author by Diavazo magazine. Now his one-act play «La Poupee» is on stage at the Sfendoni Theater, marking the playwright’s significant collaboration with Anna Kokkinou. A black comedy based on a monologue, the play is directed by Kokkinou, who also stars as Rika, a highly gifted seamstress of doll dresses. Using vintage buttons and fabrics, Rika seems to be stuck in a state of unnatural childishness and has great difficulty when it comes to understanding the rest of the world. When something or somebody hurts her, she turns into somebody who can be very scary. «La Poupee» is currently on stage at the Sfendoni for a limited set of performances. According to the actress-director, the character she interprets is an adult who has experienced great pain, an adult who has never really grown up and who goes after her worse enemy: hatred. Using all her energy and power, Rika resists the sweet seduction of jealous thoughts and vindictiveness. The production’s set design and lighting is by Nikos Alexiou, costumes by Christina Mathea, choreographies by Mariella Nestora and music by Stella Gadedi. Sfendoni Theater, 4 Makri, Makriyianni, tel 210.924.5592 (Wednesdays-Sundays).