Remembering Athens 2004 opening ceremony in Beijing

Memories of the Athens 2004 Olympics were reawakened in Beijing yesterday, as «Athens 2004 – A Greek Celebration» opened at the city’s Capital Museum. Showcasing costumes and objects from the memorable opening ceremony of the Greek Games, the exhibition is part of the «Cultural Year of Greece in China» series of events organized by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Based on a concept and directed by choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou, the 2004 opening ceremony turned into a state-of-the-art narration of Greece’s history through the arts. Curated by Lily Pezanou, the Beijing show includes costumes, objects, visual and video material from the preparations leading to the opening ceremony. The exhibition runs to July 6. During the final 10 days of viewing, visitors will enjoy a bonus – screenings of Athina Tsangaris’s «making of» documentary, the story of the exciting adventure of producing an extraordinary production.