Christina Onassis jewelry fetches 8.6 million euros under hammer at Christie’s in London

Spectacular jewelry, once the property of heiress Christina Onassis, fetched 6.8 million pounds (8.6 million euros) at a Christie’s auction in London on Wednesday. Among the 44 high-quality jewelry pieces, belonging to the daughter of the legendary shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, that went under the hammer was a 38-carat D color diamond. Originally part of a spectacular necklace, the precious stone sold for 3.6 million pounds, about twice as much as the original estimate. Another highlight of the London sale was a bowenite Buddha created by the celebrated artisan Carl Faberge. This piece went for 1.27 million pounds, a considerably higher price than its original, 250,000- to 300,000-pound estimate. Though living a life of extreme luxury, Christina Onassis suffered bouts of depression. She died at the age of 37 and was survived by her daughter Athina.