Films from Greece travel to Cannes

hough Greece is not participating in any official competition at the 55th Cannes Film Festival, efforts are being made in order to promote this year’s cinematic crop as the Greek Cinema Center is presenting 12 films at the Film Market. At Cannes, the Greek Cinema Center’s pavilion is operating as a meeting spot for producers, distributors, festival directors and film industry professionals from various countries, who are invited to see recent Greek films. This year, Greek cinema is represented by Sotiris Goritsas’s «Brazilero,» Maria Iliou’s «Alexandria,» Nikos Panayiotopoulos’s «Beautiful People,» Andreas Pantzis’s «Word of Honor,» Constantinos Giannaris’s «One Day in August,» Christos Dimas’s «Garden Acrobats,» Lakis Papastathis’s «The Only Journey of his Life,» Lagia Giourgou’s «Tomorrow is Too Late,» Nikos Perakis’s «The Bubble,» Christos Georgiou’s «Under the Stars,» Katerina Evangelakou’s «You Will Regret It,» and Vangelis Serdaris’s «The Seventh Sun of Love.» There are also previews of unfinished films by Penny Panayiotopoulou, Stellas Theodoraki, Dimitris Panayiotatos and Nikos Cornilios. The good news came from the short films, in the Cinefondation category, where the judging committee’s president is Martin Scorsese. Chosen from among 1,340 productions (there are only 11 films in the final competition) was «Little Black Riding Hood,» a Cypriot short, directed by Yiannis Giapanis and produced by Elmo K. Neocleous. This black-and-white Cypriot film places Little Red Riding Hood in today’s corrupt society and the world of drugs. The story goes like this: «The relationship between the Wolf and Little Black Riding Hood is in turmoil. She is almost certain that he is cheating on her with her mother. But what she is unaware of is that the cocaine she takes daily from her blind, addicted grandmother is stolen from the Wolf by her mother. And so Little Black Riding Hood takes off for one more delivery. But the Wolf is aware of what is going on…»