Jazz and blues at Parafono

Surviving in the shadow of more celebrated local venues that have opened their doors to business in recent years, particularly in the jazz scene, the Parafono jazz and blues club in downtown Athens (130 Asklipiou St) nevertheless remains a vital part of the capital’s live circuit. Besides its elegant setting, the venue can – more importantly – also boast about the total support it has offered talented local jazz and blues musicians who have sought a venue for their work. In keeping with the club’s customary policy, the current month’s agenda has included a steady supply of some of the country’s better players. Tomorrow, the guitarist Takis Barberis, who has collaborated with numerous artists, Greek and foreign, will front his five-piece combo, Indiom, to present his eclectic jazz-rock-fun fusion that also draws from Indian ragas and Greek folk. On Friday, another accomplished local musician, pianist Giorgos Kontrafouris, will be accompanied by a promising vocalist, Sophia Noiti, and their backing band for a set that will include material from an album they had co-released, «Aghios Chronos.» On Saturday, Drifting Around, a capable jazz-blues covers band comprising young musicians with a Hammond organ in a prominent role, will return to the venue after several performances there for pieces that stretch back to the 1960s. An emerging artist, pianist Dimitris Kalantzis, will front his quintet to deliver the band leader’s compositions on May 27. Kontrafouris will return to the club shortly after this Friday’s performance, as part of a different lineup on May 29. The pianist will front his trio for an evening of both originals and jazz standards. The venue offers weekly jam-session nights to musicians on Tuesdays. Directed by Catherine Corsini, starring Emmanuelle Beart, Pascale Bussieres, Dani Levy, Jean-Pierre Kalfon. A friendship turns into an obsession as two old friends meet again, and only one has managed to fulfill their common dream. (In French)