New art venue opens its doors in Metaxourgeio

The freshly refurbished neoclassical house in Metaxourgeio stands out without losing its grunge element. Standing between Chinese grocery stores, an Egyptian hangout and a Kurdish restaurant, this is Rebecca Kamhi’s new art space. According to the gallery owner, Metaxourgeio remains a largely unknown district for most Athenians. «My aim is to introduce people to the neighborhood’s daily life. Getting them to my doorstep is not enough,» says Kamhi. Last year, following her decision to open the new space, Kamhi organized an exhibition in collaboration with small local businesses, including a parking lot, a Chinese restaurant and a bakery. In the show, works by Nobuyoshi Araki emerged from loaves of bread, creations by Panos Kokkinias were seen behind nargile smoke, while photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans were displayed above Arabic delicacies. Inaugurated recently, the new art venue is currently hosting the works presented last year. The Rebecca Kamhi art space is at 9 Leonidiou Street in Metaxourgeio (tel 210.523.3049). Viewings are by appointment only.