New, quieter take on ancient myth of Oedipus

The Athens Festival presents a novel take on an old myth this week. The story of Oedipus gains a new dimension through a dramatic choice of communication: silence. Body talk Based on body language and movement, «Seeking Oedipus» is a Theater of Silence production, written and directed by Aspasia Kralli. At the summer festival’s Scholeion venue, performances end tomorrow night. For Kralli, the Athens Festival production offers a contemporary approach to a familiar, old-time story. «Ancient myths are timeless. This is why artists choose to work with them over and over again; they have to do with human relationships and reality,» she said in a recent interview with Kathimerini. A pupil of the Marcel Marceau school of mime, Kralli founded the Theater of Silence in 1993. As an actress and director, she takes elements from the legendary French mime artist’s techniques and uses them in theater productions. She also works with them when she takes on the role of teacher. «Pantomime is an ancient Greek art. It’s not at all French, which is what most believe. It was born in Greece, before ancient drama and I think that all actors are mimics, given that they impersonate, mime someone. Mime art is to theater what poetry is to literature.» The cast Besides Kralli, who takes on the role of Tiresias, the cast also includes Giorgis Tsambourakis as Oedipus, Ilias Meletis as Laius and Malamatenia Gotsi as Jocasta. Participating in the production is saxophonist Dimitris Yiannopoulos. «Seeking Oedipus» at the Scholeion, 52 Pireos, Moschato. For tickets: Hellenic Festival box office, 39 Panepistimiou, tel 210.327.2000. For details, visit Performances are scheduled to start at 9 p.m.