Sani Hill to host world music

This year’s «Sounds of the World» series at the Sani Festival in Halkidiki, starting tomorrow and running to Sunday, will feature three exceptional groups of artists. Tomorrow, Amadou and Mariam, the blind duo from Mali, will present their fascinating Afro-punk sounds which led Manu Chao to seek their collaboration. On Saturday, Sani Hill will be taken over by Tinariwen, a North African group created 30 years ago by three Tuareg teens who found themselves at a camp where Muammar Khadafy recruited young Tuaregs to fight in his army. Having lost their homes and families, they created music balanced between the Tuareg musical tradition and the power of the changes they were experiencing. Their fans include Robert Plant and Carlos Santana. The series will end with Marta Sebestyen. A temperamental Hungarian vocalist and an enthusiastic performer, Sebestyen’s atmospheric voice marked the soundtrack of the film «The English Patient,» for which composer Gabriel Yared won the Academy Award for Best Music in Original Dramatic Score. Sani Hill, Halkidiki, tel 2310.317.327.