A woman and her past

Alone, a woman faces her memories, her personal fears and ghosts as well as the men she has known in her life. On the one hand, there is her personal story – on the other, the larger picture gradually unfolds. This is the main plot of Loula Anagnostaki’s play «The Sky a Glorious Red,» a monologue performed by the acclaimed actress Reni Pittaki. The work will be presented tomorrow at the Bazaios Tower in Naxos, as part of the island’s summer festival. Anagnostaki’s distanced, utopian and ironic main character wavers between the memory of her deceased communist husband and the life of her son, who is in Athens’s Korydallos Prison. She expresses herself with plenty of black humor and under the influence of alcohol. She talks about the «beautiful and dangerous days» of her past, she reconsiders her actions, she confesses and then she plunges deep into the pool of memory. In reality, the lonely woman observes – from a distance – not only her own story, but also history itself, as the play is set astride two centuries. The play is directed by Nikos Hatzopoulos and the costumes are designed by Angelos Mentis. It is an Athens Festival production and was performed at the Scholeion venue this June with great success.