New sushi bar adds some style

If the fine things in life are found in the details, the Metropolitan Hotel (formerly known as the Chandris) has reached its finest moment so far. Following a total refurbishment which was completed last year, the hotel is adding just another touch of finesse through the establishment of a sushi corner, as well as a chocolate, a grappa, and a cigar corner. All four were developed under the supervision of Eugenia Chandris, a member of the Chandris hotel and resort board of directors. At the sushi corner, situated in the hotel’s lobby, the Japonica catering service provides the cold buffet, while the Metropolitan prepares the hot dishes. You may choose from a selection of vegetarian and fish rolls such as umeshiso maki (plum and mint leaf roll) or saba maki (mackerel roll), or perhaps try hot roasted langoustines, baby squid tempura or even sour Botan shrimps. Also in the lobby, the chocolate buffet offers a rotating series of delights, including profiteroles, trifles or fresh cherry gateau. Complementing this corner is an extensive collection of teas. As for the cigar and grappa bars, both are situated at the Regatta Bar. Here, for the post-dinner hour, guests are presented with a selection of refined cigar labels including Cohibas, Montechristos, Hoyos de Monteray or Bolevar, while the popular Italian brandy is represented with names such as Francoli and Swarofski. Our table was full of delights, but all the hands stretched out first to the two little plates with the freshly fried French fries. It seems that the psychologists are right when they claim that there are foods which calm and soothe us not so much for their taste but because they remind us of the security and protection of a maternal embrace. Maybe the starch contains a relaxant. The same is true for pasta and rice. I don’t know how they satisfied their psychological needs in the old days (maybe with gruel made from wheat), because the potato is new to the Old World.