A breathtaking spectacle of dance from Buenos Aires

With the quick yet carefully studied steps, twirls, «ganchos» and leaps into the air, the temperature has no place to go but up. The performances of the Tango Fire company promise to light up the stage at the Badminton Theater with a series of displays that will start tomorrow and run to October 20. A tightly knit group, the members of the Argentinean company move in perfect harmony with the orchestra and the rhythm of the music. In Greece, Tango Fire will present different varieties of tango, from the initial basic dance that goes back to the start of the last century to its evolutionary contemporary, the tango nuevo, with its acrobatic movements and daring jumps. The show is a blood-pulsing spectacle with original choreographies. The 10 skilled dancers, arranged into five disciplined couples, are joined by the four-member Quatrotango orchestra and provide powerful visual narration of the story or tango, a dance that originated in the back streets of Buenos Aires in the 19th century. Tango then moved into high-class reception halls in the early 20th century; it went through periods of prohibition and decline in the 30s and 60s, only to make a big comeback in the 1980s in Europe and America. Tango Fire was formed in Buenos Aires in 1996. In its first year, the troupe traveled to China where it put on 60 successful shows. Today, it has performed in theaters around the world and has toured all five continents. The group’s main choreographer is Yanina Fajar. Badminton Theater, Goudi Military Park, tel 211.108.6024. Tickets can be purchased at Public in Syntagma, on tel 210.884.0600 and online at Ticket prices range from 20 euros to 55 euros. Shows start at 9.30 p.m.