Versatile Le Quator ensemble presents rich repertoire with a humorous twist

Can six hands play one cello all at the same time? And can Vivaldi alternate with rock – or Bach blend with The Beatles? According to the Le Quator ensemble, which will be performing at the Badminton Theater until Sunday, everything is possible. The inventive music group consists of Jean-Claude Camors, Laurent Vercambre, Pierre Ganem and Jean-Yves Lacombe, who have formed the most unusual string quartet, using their sense of humor, imagination, pantomime techniques and, of course, music. At the Athens shows, the music prevails. From Bach to Handel and Vivaldi, from gypsy and Irish melodies to country, Frank Sinatra, jazz and Manos Hadjidakis, the performers promise unprecedented variety. Their rich musical past allows them to blend different kinds of music and come up with unexpected results. Badminton Theater, Goudi Military Park, tel 211.108.6024.