Saturday 06/12

Simply Irresistible A magic crab causes Amanda to bewitch the man of her dreams and become a fantastic cook at her SoHo restaurant. But when he suspects that magic is – literally – in the air, things begin to go badly awry. Romantic Comedy directed by Mark Tarlov, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sean Patrick Flanery, Patricia Clarkson and Amanda Peet. (Antenna – 14.45) Nostalghia Soviet Russia’s premier filmmaker follows a homesick, slightly mad poet researching the life of a homesick, slightly mad composer. The poet meets a lunatic, considers infidelity and has beautiful visions and surreal dreams in the Italian countryside. Drama in Italian and Russian, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, starring Oleg Yankovsky, Erland Josephson and Domiziana Giordano. (Vouli – 23.00)