Saturday 1/6

FILM: The Flame and the Arrow A man in medieval Italy seeks victory over a tyrant who had his son arrested. Epic adventure starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Douglas, Virginia Mayo and Nick Cravat. (NET-15.15) FILM: Britannic Fictional account of the sinking of the English liner based on a theory that it was sabotaged by a German spy. Adventure starring Bruce Payne, Amanda Ryan and Jacqueline Bissett (Star-21.00) FILM: Petulia Petulia’s marital problems drive her to throw herself at a doctor, only to find that his life is just as miserable as hers. Drama featuring Julie Christie, George C. Scott, Richard Chamberlain, Shirley Knight, Joseph Cotten and Arthur Hill. (NET-22.00) FILM: Golden Gate In the 1960s, a law school graduate is recruited by the FBI to spot communist subversives in the San Francisco community. Adventure drama featuring Matt Dillon, Joan Chen and Bruno Kirby. (Mega-1.00)