The world according to Struth

An exhibition of works by German photographer Thomas Struth opens at the Cycladic Art Museum today, with 28 works exploring the internationally acclaimed artist’s 1997-2003 period. From Dusseldorf and various other German towns to major cities all over the world, Struth pointed his lens at detached residences and building complexes on seemingly deserted streets. Subsequently, he focused on individual and family portraits where he explored the position of the individual within his or her family, before developing the «Paradise» series, which placed emphasis on tropical forest landscapes. Since 2003, the artist has been working on what is perhaps his most well-known series, the «Museum Photographs,» in which the subject-matter includes public spaces, primarily museums and churches, with Struth capturing the reactions of people as they move inside them. Born in Geldern, Germany, in 1954, Struth studied at the Dusseldorf School of Fine Arts and was a student of Gerhard Richter. Since 1978, he has participated in various group exhibitions, while his works have also gone on solo display in Europe, America and Asia. Curated by the artist himself, the Athens exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the German Embassy in Athens and the Goethe Institute and is part of the parallel events of «Heaven,» the 2nd Athens Biennale. Cycladic Art Museum, 4 Neofytou Douka, Kolonaki, tel 210.722.8321-3,