A magical, imaginary circus

Don’t expect any wild animals or jugglers to entertain you at this circus show. Victoria Chaplin, daughter of the famous Charlie, and Jean-Baptiste Thierree, partners both in life and on the stage, are currently presenting «Le Cirque Invisible» at the Pireos 260 venue, as part of this year’s Greek Festival. Via postmodern choreography, the two artists interpret characters that excite our imaginations. Here are two people who have roamed the world since the 1970s with their intriguing circus, trying to keep the centuries-old art of legerdemain, or sleight of hand, alive. Victoria is the fourth of Charlie Chaplin’s eight children, while her mother, Oona Chaplin O’Neill, was Eugene O’Neill’s granddaughter. As a child, Victoria had been given parts in her father’s films. Love, however, made an early entrance in Victoria’s life, who, after meeting Thierree, left the city of her birth, Lausanne. Together, they embarked upon a decades-long journey around the globe, breathing life into the imaginary world of the circus. Based on avant-garde theater, the couple founded the Cirque Imaginaire, playing the lead roles as a clown-magician and acrobat fairy. They now bring us «Le Cirque Invisible.» According to Thierree, the duo has staged no more than three productions over a period of 30 years. In his opinion, one would have been enough – one production perpetually striving to reach perfection.