The bright, pop art world of artist Haris Lambert

Familiar names from the world of mythology and the silver screen – think Marlon Brando, for instance – people going about their daily business or captured in soul-searching moments, or faces transforming into sacred figures in search of a new kind of spirituality: While the work of Haris Lambert includes various influences, what is common throughout all his creative periods is his distinct use of light. It is the kind of light that seems to inundate, to hide as well as reveal the aspects not observed on the first viewing, even to those already familiar with the artist’s oeuvre. These aspects are being showcased through a careful display of Lambert’s works at the 15th Ploes exhibition, currently at the Petros and Marika Kydoniefs Foundation, in Hora, on Andros. The show, titled «Earth and Heaven’s Light,» is exclusively dedicated this year to Lambert’s works. At the darkened building, the use of black light reveals a very different side to the works, all of which acquire depth and a different kind of spirituality. In the words of the artist: «Everything is light as far as I’m concerned. Thoughts, emotions, everything has to do with light. Why is it that everybody gets stuck on television? They are attracted by the light, like the fireplace in the old days. Depending on the way we deal with light, we can manage time expressively.» According to Athena Schina, the exhibition’s curator, the artist uses the idea of pop art not as an end in itself but rather as a vehicle for venturing into new horizons. By ignoring well-known recipes of success, says Schina, Lambert treads new creative paths. At the Kydoniefs Foundation, the ‘Earth and Heaven’s Light’ exhibition runs to September 30. For more information, call 22820.24598.