Attention all passengers: Miro’s atelier

Eleftherios Venizelos Airport is hosting a photographic tour of Catalan Joan Miro’s Majorca atelier beginning on September 1. The exhibition presents visual takes by three prominent photographers, namely Jean-Marie del Moral (1/9 to 30/11), Francesc Catala Roca (1/12 to 28/2) and Joaquim Gomis (1/3 to 31/5), all of whom captured the artist’s working space through their lenses. The choice of this particular exhibition was not a random one, as the Eleftherios Venizelos event runs parallel to the largest ever exhibition on the celebrated 20th-century Catalan artist to go on display on Greek soil, scheduled to be inaugurated in Thessaloniki on September 5. A reconstruction of Miro’s atelier in Majorca will be placed in the outdoor area of the Teloglion Foundation in Thessaloniki, while the latter will also host some 400 works, including gouache paintings, ink works, etchings and sculptures, mainly corresponding to the period the artist spent on the island. Curating the landmark exhibition in Thessaloniki are Spain’s Maria Luisa Lax of Majorca’s Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation and Greece’s Marios Eleftheriadis. Speaking to Kathimerini’s K magazine recently, the curators noted that the upcoming show covers the last 25 years of the artist’s life. The exhibition comes under the aegis of the Spanish Embassy in Athens. At the Teloglion Foundation the show will run to February 5, 2010, before traveling to Athens, where it will go on display from March to June. Until then and for all those who can’t wait for their flight to Thessaloniki, Athens International Airport offers an exciting glimpse of the atmosphere in which the exhibition’s 400 works were originally created. Teloglion Foundation, 159A Aghiou Dimitriou, Thessaloniki, tel 2310.247.111.