Pocket-size Athens guide in Spanish

Is it just our impression or are the numbers of Spanish-speaking visitors coming to Greece each year on the increase? According to National Statistical Service data, the former would seem to be the case, as 237,857 Spanish tourists visited Greece in 2007, compared to 202,230 in 2006, marking a 17.6 percent rise. Confirming this trend, there was a 43 percent increase in Spanish tourists arriving at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport in 2007. Maria Vasilaki, the tireless author of the Spanish-language city guide «Atenas en el bolsillo» (Athens in the Pocket) caters to all the above. Having lived in Madrid for years, Vasilaki, who is the secretary of Spain’s envoy to Greece, turns out to be the Greek capital’s best ambassador. This year’s edition – the seventh – is enriched through extensive sections on the Ionian Islands, Myconos and Delos. Another novelty this year is a presentation of all Spanish companies operating in Greece and vice versa. The guide book is available at major bookstores, the Athens Hilton and the Benaki Museum.