‘1000+1 Prax(e)is’ in Thessaloniki

The 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art is hosting various exhibitions this year, among them «1000+1 Prax(e)is,» which was inaugurated yesterday. According to the organizers, the show is designed to «identify those actions which, literally or potentially, might transform the physical space or reshape social relations – through the creative process and theory, the theoretical/political and, by extension, social discourse – into acts of catharsis.» Participating artists include Jean-Pierre Attal, Pavlina Verouki, Angeliki Valvi, Maria Glyka, Andreas Mitropoulos, Caesar Vrettos Ramirez and Alexandros Tsamouris, while the exhibition is being shown at the French Institute (to October 15) and the Goethe Institut (to October 8).