Cultural strolls in Thessaloniki

THESSALONIKI – Apart from its loyal fan base, the Dimitria Festival also boasts an association of friends who not only support the institution but are launching a parallel program to motivate all those who love culture. For its inaugural event, the group has organized five different «cultural journeys,» which will include concerts, guided tours and free admission to museums as well as happenings, all of which are to take place today. For the entire day, museums in the northern city will remain open until midnight. Musicians will perform at various venues – there will be a piano concert at the Archaeological Museum, a flute concert at the Photography Museum and traditional Spanish music at the Teloglion Foundation – while galleries and art spaces are opening their doors to the public as well. This particular «journey» focuses on the following areas: From the Fleming area to Nea Paralia, participants include the Folk Art Museum, the Goethe Institute of Thessaloniki, the Koperti building and the seafront. In the historic city center, it is the art galleries that are a must-see: From the exhibition on Rania Bellou at the Kalfayan and Angelos Panayiotidis’s sculpture at the Metamorphosis, one can then move on to Alexandros Simopoulos and Giorgos Siskos’s joint display at the Zita-Mi Gallery or the «In Time» group exhibition at the Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, to mention just a few. Art interventions and concerts on Zefxidos and Isavron streets are an added treat. In the port area, one can start at the «Face to Faces» exhibition at the Photography Museum and move to the Film Museum, the State Museum of Contemporary Art, which hosts the city’s 2nd Biennale and then go as far as the Ladadika district. Participants in the Old Commercial Center include the Kapani, the Vlali Market, the National Conservatory and other venues. Participating museums include the Archaeological Museum, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the Teloglion Foundation, where the tribute to Joan Miro will be open to the public until 11 p.m.